Smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, it’s no surprise that religion is very important to many people living in Webster County. At one time, countless rural congregations dotted the countryside, many of which only held services periodically when itnerate preachers were in the neighborhood.

At that time, going to church wasn’t just for religious instruction, although that was a major component. They were also a social center in rural life, where getting out and going to “meeting” was one of few outings per week. In addition to regular services, congregations often sponsored bi-annual revivals, held in the fall and spring, to keep members (and new members) inspired in the Godly way.

Religious instruction was also important for those residing in town, for many of the same reasons that rural congregations enjoyed.

Today, religion is still a integral part for many Webster Countians. Even though many of the rural congregations have died out over time, there are others which are doing better than ever–all which testify to the power and importance of some good, old-time religion.


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