Lumber, dry goods, drugs, birth, death. Good eats, groceries, grain and gasoline. Whatever one might have needed, it’s likely that years ago it could have been found in Webster County’s industrial scene.

The county’s earliest days held a scene of rural enterprise–businesses rapidly shooting up as the communities began to grow. As time passed, others took their place, many of which were intergral part of community life for decades. In Marshfield, there was Shields’ Pharmacy, Andrews’ Cafe, the MFA Exchange, the Style Shop and Roper’s. Just down South in Seymour, there was (and still is) the Owen Theatre and Drive-In, in existence since 1908. Fordland, Niangua, Diggins and Rogersville all had their unique enterprises, ranging from the Fountain Cafe to the Niangua Hospital.

Here’s a taste of a few of those business ventures that so many remember so well.


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